Harmful Pet Food Ingredients


People Are Losing Their Pets Due To Harmful Food Ingredients.

Are You Harming Your “Best Friend” With Tainted Pet Food?

It’s frightening to think about losing our pets due to tainted or harmful pet foods.

Unfortunately this has happened to the point of massive recalls for well known brands of dog and cat foods.

DID YOU KNOW... The maximum life span of our dogs and cats is estimated to be about 25 to 30 years and yet the average pet lives only 13 to 14 years?

The problems with contaminated pet food still continues we just don’t hear about it in the news for some reason until it is too late for some pets. (money)

  • We are losing our pets due to tainted or harmful pet food ingredients
  • Massive recalls for well known brands of dog and cat foods.
  • March 2007, our nation experienced the single largest recall of pet food
  • More than 100 brands of pet foods were pulled off the shelves due to tainted ingredients.

The pet food that contains rendered 4-D (dead,dying, disabled and diseased) animals. It is REALLY A CRIME. Our FDA in my opinion believes it is best to serve the interests of the Big Industry instead of the best interest of 74 million U.S. pet owners.

We need to have caring individuals in decision making positions in the U.S. when it comes to our pets and our own health as well.

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