Health Diseases in Dogs and Cats

Health Diseases in Dogs and Cats

There are so many different types of health diseases that can affect the life of our pets. The good news is there are actions that you can take to help prevent your pet from coming down with many of these life threaten diseases.

Does your dog or cat have or had ANY of these diseases?

– Ear Infections
–       Skin Allergies
–       Urinary Tract Infections
–       Arthritis
–       Dental Disease
–       Seizures
–       Chronic Vomiting and Diarrhea
–       Hip Dysplasia
–       Kidney Disease
–       Heart Disease
–       Pancreatitis
–       Diabetes
–       Liver Disease
–       Thyroid disease
–       Serious Auto-Immune System Disorders
–       Cancer
–       Inflammatory Bowel Disease

With most pet parents the answer is likely YES, because they are all very common diseases.


Your pet’s body is designed to fight diseases with their complex immune system, so most pets are healthy with occasional health issues but when they do get sick you can bet there is something interfering with your pets natural defenses. This most likely includes an un-healthy diet and over vaccinating which can cause major health problems. To be able to heal themselves they need a strong immune system.

Antibiotics prescribed by your veterinarian may help fight a disease but it will do nothing to help improve the immune system that didn’t work properly in the first place to fight off the disease.

There are things that play a role in your pet’s health that you can control.

1. Diet – You can feed BETTER healthier food.

2. Stress – Find ways to help decrease stress in their lives, animals can have anxiety problem just like you can.

3. Exercise – getting enough exercise can help all parts of the body and even help reduce stress.

4. Vaccines – vaccinate much less than what your vet recommends, make sure you are going to a vet that cares more about your pet than the money they can make on over killing them with vaccines. Read more about vaccine damage here.

5. Conventional Medication – Your pet depends on you to protect him or her by educating yourself about these drugs or any other pet medicine they are taking and use SAFE alternatives to many of the toxic so called Conventional Medications. Learn more about Pet Medicine and Veterinary Drugs.

6. Genetics – Okay you can’t control your cat or dogs genetics, BUT you can make other choices about EVERYTHING else that eventually affects your pet.

It is not just the luck of the draw that we get a perfectly healthy genetic pet; nine times out of ten how we feed them and take care of them plays an important role in their outcome.

So why not at least stack the odds in their favor and make some healthier choices for your best friend. Why not start with feeding them healthy pet food, one that has never been recalled.


To You and Your Pet,



Healthy Pet Food


Putting a Premium on Pet Health

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