Pet Food Controllers

Who’s Controlling Your Pets’ Food?

When it comes to looking out for what goes in our pets food and making decisions; it is like the “fox minding the chicken coop”.


The Fox   


The Chicken Coop









The pet food companies are over seen by three organizations:

  • the FDA – Food and Drug Administration
  • the CMV- Center for Veterinary Medicine
  • the AAFCO – Association of American Feed Control Officials

What is wrong with this picture?

Who inspects the food we eat? The answer is, the Department of Agriculture. They are however involved with pet food, but only the pet food that is exported outside of the United States.

The FDA regulates, drugs, vaccines, medical equipment, blood products, cell phones, microwaves and the list goes on and down near the bottom of the list you will see pet food listed. (how sad)

So they turn over responsibilities to the CMV who regulates food additives and drugs for our pets. However, they do not monitor where the food ingredients come from. That means the meat for protein, the fats, the grains and even the water can come from anywhere. (Scary)

The Center for Veterinary Medicine is in charge of maintaining the requirements that the pet food is suppose to be “pure and wholesome” (right!) and that the labels to be truthful (right!) about what is inside the bag. The sad fact is that they do very little testing if any. They seem to be more worried about claims by the pet food companies about their statements that their food prevents this or that.

Instead of them being concern about the quality of ingredients and the problems caused by some of poor ingredients used and where they came from. (China)

Now we come to AAFCO who regulates the pet  food labels who works together with the FDA and the CVM. This is where the “fox minding the chicken coop” comes in. The Association of American Feed Control Officials is basically a trade organization and guess what… their membership includes many representatives from large pet food manufacturers. Makes you wonder if our pets’ health is outweighed by the money end. (You know conflict of interest). I am not saying that the AAFCO doesn’t have our pets’ health at heart but it would be better if they were not connected to the hip so to speak with pet food companies. (Don’t you think?)


When choosing the right food for your pet the quality and freshness of ingredients are important!

This is where really knowing what really is your pets’ food bag is important and knowing how to read those labels on your bag of pets food.

Need Healthy Pet Food ?

To You and Your Pet,


Safety is a Primary Objective

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